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  • Q:  My son had ring worm on his scalp. It has been 3months and his hair is not growing back. What can we do to stimulate his hair to grow back in that area on his scalp?

A:  I would have expected the hair on your sons head to have started growing back by now. I am wondering if there is still some fungus left, or whether the hair follicles have been damaged or are a bit "sluggish" after what they have been through.

I would recommend a very gentle massage of the scalp. I can't stress enough that it needs to be gentle. The last thing you want to do is causing more stress to the follicles and new hair growth. But massaging the scalp would increase blood circulation which would be beneficial to the healing process.

Jojoba Oil is a great oil for the scalp as it is very light and easily absorbed. Using this as a carrier oil, you can mix in other oils with complimentary benefits.

Rosemary Oil
encourages hair growth and increases blood circulation. When combined with Clary Sage Oil, together they become quite powerful hair growth remedy.

Lavender Oil is great for the scalp, treating dandruff, itching skin and hair loss. It regulates sebum production (natural oil) and so if the hair growth is due to over active sebaceous gland, then lavender oil can be a great help.

Tea Tree Oil is beneficial in so many ways, and for me the outstanding fungus fighting properties can not be over looked. If there are lingering ringworm, then Tea Tree should be added to the mix.

I also recommend reading Hiroko Kobayashi's manual on hair loss:



Do not mistake Clary Sage Oil for Sage Oil as Sage Oil can be quite toxic.

Please note that although the oils and remedies presented on this website are known to be the most gentle to sensitive skins and scalps - as with any natural substance some oils such as Thyme and Tea Tree oil can in some individuals cause mild irritation on rare occasions and some oils should NOT be used at all while pregnant. It is recommended that as a precaution you should patch test all oils/formulas before application or addition to your shampoos, conditioners, creams and other oils.

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