Is Ringworm Contagious? 


Is ringworm contagious

 Is ringworm contagious


for how long is ringworm contagious?



These are very common questions for ringworm sufferers whom often feel the battle against ringworm is never ending. Not only can ringworm be very stubborn to get rid of, ringworm also has a high level of contagiousness, which leaves ringworm sufferers feeling helpless as it takes its hold on the entire family.


It is not only the two-legged members of the family who are prone to this fungal infection. Furry pets are not only prone to ringworm, but are often the source of this nasty and highly infectious problem. As a fungus living in the outer layer of the skin, it spreads very much like other fungi, by spreading its spores on everything that it comes into contact with. The spores even spread through the air and can travel through unfiltered air vents.


One of the battles with ringworm is the recontamination. You get rid of ringworm just to find that a couple of weeks later, it is back with a vengeance. And then it starts all over. Back to the doctor, back on treatment, back to the itching... 


What often happens is that we clear the ringworm from our bodies and totally forget about the environment. If you have spores hanging around the surfaces of the house, such as on bathroom floors, carpets, toys, towels, bedding etc, then your house is just a ticking time bomb of ringworm waiting to go off again and again. 


One of the most common ways of spreading ringworm is through towels and sheets and scalp fungus can easily be spread by sharing hair brushes and hair ties.


Towels will transfer ringworm of the feet, or athlete's foot, to other parts of the skin, including the scalp and the groin. ringworm sufferers must take the utmost care to avoid cross-contaminate not only to themselves, but to the rest of the family.


Bare feet on bathroom floors are another way ringworm spreads easily and ringworm of the feet can be rife within sports team for this very reason. Wrestlers seem to be particularly prone to ringworm of the groin and this can be so serious that in some countries they are banned from competing while fighting off this contagious ringworm.


Other problem areas to look out for is soft toys, with children cuddling up to their teddy bear, and surprisingly, Ringworm spores can easily transfer through touching hard plastic toys as well.


Help is here. One type of ringworm spores can easily be detected by using a woods lamp. This is a black light bulb that many families can find in their box of Halloween supplies. Some forms of ringworm will shine up luminescent green, but be aware, not all types of ringworm are that easy to detect. If you think you have ringworm, have a go at shining with this light cause if it does show up, then it will make the battle against ringworm easier as it will pick up this ringworm on people, animals and in the environment. You can also use ringworm pictures to help you diagnose ringworm.


Wiping bath surfaces, especially floors with a mold remover such as borax or bleach will be one of the first steps in stopping the spread of ringworm. The natural alternative to bleach is borax and I recommend starting with this. Washing sheets, blankets and towels is also a necessary step to get rid of ringworm and using white sheets and towels is a great trick as it allows you to use borax and bleach in the wash without damaging the colors  which is an amazing help in getting rid of ringworm.


Borax is a safer alternative to bleach and can be used both in your laundry as well as for cleaning your house. Borax is known to combat mildew and fungus, so it is the perfect alternative, when you need the heavy guns out to battle the ringworm spores.


So to answer the questions: is ringworm contagious and for how long is ringworm contagious? The answers are very definite. YES, very contagious and for as long as you have ringworm on you, your family or in your environment, you can be spreading it!


And then of cause you will need to treat yourself, your family, your pets and your environment to finally be ringworm free.



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