Ringworm Pictures


All ringworm are fungal infections. Here are some ringworm pictures of infections of various parts of the body, from head to toe, that can help you diagnose the skin rash you may have.

Scalp Ringworm or Scalp Fungus:

Scalp fungus can be due to a variety of fungus. Some of these scalp infections causes the scalp to loose hair, either in round bald patches or scattered in between the hair follicles. Scalp ringworm can be very itchy and also cause a burning sentation of the scalp. It can also make the scalp quite dry and flaky. Some fungal scalp infections can even cause big open and weeping scalp sores.

 ringworm pictures

This is an example of ringworm of the scalp were the hair falls out in round patches.





picture of ringwormThis is another example of ringworm of the scalp. It is clear how the round patches are clearly defined.






Ringworm of the body, also known as Tinea Corporis:

ring worm pictureThe classic look of ringworm of the skin, the round, red and raised circle that makes it look like an actual worm. This is a typical example of tinea corporis, ringworm of the body. Ringworm often casues dry itchy skin and is highly contagious.



Athletes Foot, Ringworm of the foot or Foot Fungus all known as Tinea Pedis:


pictures of ringwormAthletes foot is basically ringworm of the foot, most often found between the toes. Some people call it foot fungus or toe fungus and it is once again, highly contagious. It can spread from toes to other parts of the body, including the groin and scalp, through contact with a contaminated towel. Care must be taken with personal hygiene.


skin rash pictures


This is another version of athletes Foot. It can develop into big pussy sores that doesn't seem to want to go away.



Ringworm on Hand, also known as Tinea Manuum:


ringworm on FingersOne of the really odd things about ringworm is how ringworm of the feet can cause itchy blisters on the hands. These weeping blisters looks and feels like an allergic reaction or eczema rather than ringworm, but trust me, it is caused by ringworm and will not go away untill the ringworm infection on the feet has been succesfully treated.

It just shows how ringworm can affect your whole system, not just the bit of skin it is growing on.


Ringworm of the Beard also known as Tinea Barbae:

 ringworm Pictures 

This is an example of just how bad ringworm can be. This time it has affected the beard and looks more like boils, but it is indeed ringworm.




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