Fungal skin infections and how to get rid of skin fungus


What is skin fungus

Skin fungus is a term that refers to any fungal skin infection and it can occur anywhere on the body where skin is present. On the feet it is most often referred to as athlete’s foot, whereas jock itch refers to fungus on skin between the legs. All of these fungal skin infections are also referred to as either ringworm or tinea, but it is basically all the same.

Skin fungus occurs when fungus spores come in to contact with the skin and starts growing in the outer layer of the skin. These spores can spread through touch and air, which is why ringworm is so contagious.

Skin fungus and your house

Most people will get rid of the fungal skin infection but forget about the spores that can lie dormant in the house, just waiting for the next person to come by to infect. This is the reason why cleaning the house thoroughly to eradicate the fungal spores is one of the most important actions you can take, while dealing with a fungal skin infection.

Itchy skin

Fungus on skin is normally very itchy and most people will not be able to resist the urge to itch and scratch often leaving the skin much more red and stressed than it was before itching. Itching the skin can also lead to the skin being broken. As the skins defences are already working at high capacity it leaves the skin vulnerable to secondary bacterial infections and this can result in open weeping wounds. The red, thickened, itchy, flaky and weepy fungal skin infection can look just like other types of skin problems like psoriasis, dermatitis and skin allergies.

Essential oils to treat fungal skin infections

Essential oils like neem oil and tea tree oil are very effective in treating skin fungus because they target a multiple array of skin problems. They are made from natural plants and are used to cure a variety of skin problems like itchy skin, fungal skin and bacterial skin infections. This makes essential oils one of the most powerful ways to effectively treat ringworm. Not only will the oils soothe itchy skin, they will also cure both bacterial infections as well as fungal skin infections.

What else can I use the essential oils for?

These oils are so diverse that you can add them to warm water to give hands, feet and nails a good soak, you can (when mixed with carrier oils) apply directly to the fungal skin infection, you can add a couple of drops to the inside of a plaster and you can use them in your laundry and to clean your house.



Ringworm pictures can be very helpful in diagnosing skin fungus and fungal scalp conditions.
















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